Sunday, February 04, 2007

Google chess(?)

Ideas for Google chess

  1. Google vision, making world's information available
  2. In lines of google books, scholar, etc.
  3. Motivation: There are around 20 million games in chess base and this number is only a reflection of the actual figure
  4. Popularity for chess can be found in blogs on chess, online chess playing sites which boast of 1 million users
  5. Searching in chess games
  6. Kinds of searching that can supported
    1. Players
    2. Tournaments
    3. Years
    4. Openings
    5. Stereotypical positions(isolani, castling on double sides)
    6. Typical board positions
    1. endgames
  7. Much of the functionality is found in chess base but it is stagnant and closed and also expensive much of the non- europe folks don't use it
  8. Ratings(FIDE, USCF) search


  1. Revenue- as usual the ad's
  2. Can have a large audience - tournaments, games, online chess


  1. Future development can be online chess - integration into other online chess sites
  2. A typical strong chess player spends around 70% of his effort in searching for good openings and strong players always strive for novelties.
  3. Searching can also be done for tournaments, clubs, classes, coaches. Integration possible with google maps
  4. Though I am not sure that general public will use this product. Chess players both serious and amateurs chess players will simply fall in love with google. The targeted number of people is around 1 million.



My vision is something like this

When I type Budapest Kasparov black

I should get results in a page ranking order like

First the games played by Kasparov as black in the Budapest opening

If there is a clash , then game with more commentary or recent or with higher rating… etc


Features which can make it a social networking site

  1. Players can upload their/others games
  2. Some functionality for commenting games(?)
  3. Tagging of games to increase the quality of the search(?)


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